Need to know topical point of views and opinions - is your message being understood? SME Business Budgets - we can also refer you to personal websites which will give you free information on how to look after your own budget, you start with looking at all the dull facts and checking to see if your on target each day, then weekly until your on your way... What are your goals, personal or for your job - what tools do you use to check your figures are on target? Ideas, pricing and a print brokering option to get your job done want to write your own book? How do you get it published in New Zealand - here are the options... Why the website?

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Websites from $3200, Editing Manuscripts $32, Online PA, catalogues...

    NZ exchange rate from $32ph for marketing


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Topical information

If you have some of your own to share What's topical in your world?

Insurance payouts - where is yours (the Christchurch perspective). Who needs someone to provide Insurance deliverance? Taken: All the stress out of hurrying up EQ, Taken all the BS outa following up on your claim, Stolen all the interest your tied up money is giving some one else. What are you going to do about it? Fed up, email me and I will chase up your insurance hassles.

Home or Office Alcohol detectors Brilliant Christmas gifts, but why wait?
- keep them in the glove box
- from $32 each
- quantities cost less
- contact us for info

MAC OS X Macintosh Computer users will be aware of error codes actually meaning something - something that you can look up and FIX. Sorry PC guys, you miss out, I'm pretty sure your errors are meaningful only to three people globally - good luck with that and understand it's cheaper sometimes to swap out your hard drive than understanding it.

Helps International is a organisation that is attempting to make life a better place in Cameroon.
This is a mission to fight poverty and unemployment - now that we have a new government, and petrol prices are at their lowest in several years, we must realise life is not simple. Many things have contributed to the cost of living, now think about how fortunate we still are. Give a little love.

Space update, is there ever a hint life?
Ancient Microbes Hint at Life's Outer Limits: This website is dedicated to finding hints in fossils, rocks and ancient questions - read more on their rocky adventures on Mars.

Further developments from the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory are online about Hierarchical INTegration for computers - faster better - we can rebuild them...

Heloise Hints how to control Split Ends Her hints cover computer know how, cleaning your dog and giving your hair vitality. This is a wonderful website - by the way here is the hair tip paraphrased:
Adding some drops of lavender oil (two or three) to a tablespoon of medium warm castor oil. Apply & wrap then cover with a warm towel — warm the towel quickly by tossing it into the dryer for a few minutes. Leave on for at least 30 minutes and then shampoo twice using cool water.

Hint Corp is a website nobody is seeing? Coming soon? We await with Anticipation. UHS - is a universal game guide with hints to get you to levels that you could never reach with your own mental capacity unstretched. This site is updated by individuals and therefore may be a security risk to your computers integrity.

What's behind the centre of the earth? (We really need the XFiles music to this one)...

- costs are in NZ dollars with no tax for offshore accounts (I am based in New Zealand).
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